Thursday, September 30, 2010

Exec Team Biographies

President- Alison Deplonty

Alison is going into her 4th year here at Western.  She has been involved with the club since her first year, serving as a year rep in 1st and 2nd year, and was VP Administration during her third.  Her specific interest is in Latin America, particularly Peru, but enjoys studying society and culture of other areas as well which helps to guide her History degree.  She hopes to attend Grad School for an Archaeology MA next fall working on the coupling of Archaeology and Public History (which she would also like to get an MA in).  She is very excited to continue her involvement with the Anthro Society and is looking forward to another wonderful year.  Alison hopes to see you out at the events and if you need anything do not hesitate to contact her at or the whole exec at

VP Events- Patrick Flaherty 

Patrick is currently doing a major in Bioarchaeology and a minor is English. He has yet to decide whether he will continue into Grad school for Bioarchaeology, or go to teacher's college. Ideally,  he would like to become an author. 
 Patrick is also the biggest Star Wars nerd, and can finish a book in 2 days. He's on his game... just so you know. Should you wish to discuss Anthropology or Star Wars with Patrick, he can be contacted via

VP Finance- Pam-Marie Guzzo

Pam-Marie is in her third year of Honours Specialization in Anthropology. For the past two years, she has had the privilege of working in the Great Lakes Archaeology Lab under Dr. Chris Ellis and is in a unique position to answer most questions related to the work-study program.
Along with all things Anthropology, she also has a decided interest in Biology and is always looking for ways to combine both, as much as her schedule permits. She is currently considering continuing on to do her Masters despite a complete lack of direction. Feel free to email her at if you have any questions for her!

Charity Commissioner- Marissa Evers

Marissa is in her third year of Honours Specialization in Anthropology. Her areas of interest are Viking Studies and Osteoarchaeology. After completing her BA, she hopes to get her MSc in Osteoarchaeology at  the University College Cork in Ireland.  In the future, she hopes to work with National Geographic or Discovery Civilizations. I

VP Academics- Tessa Plint 

Tessa is in her third year, studying for an Honours Specialization in Anthropology and a minor in Geography. She is specifically interested in bioanthropology and zooarchaeology (she says, "Basically, if it's dead and has a skeleton, it's cool."). Her long-term plans are undecided as of yet, although she would like to pursue anthropology and go on to do Grad studies. She loves working outside, doing archaeological fieldwork and playing in the dirt. She also loves to rock-climb, draw, travel, and meet new people. She admits to being a major nerd... Should you wish to contact her, here is her email:

 VP Communications- Claire Venet-Rogers

Claire is in her fourth year of an Honours Specialization in Anthropology. This is her second year as a member of the Anthropology Society. After her undergraduate studies, she hopes to go on and do her Masters with the hopes of eventually working in Cultural Resource Management. During the summer, she worked for Timmins Martelle Heritage Consultants, a CRM firm located here in London, and had a blast! She also volunteers regularly at the Museum of Ontario Archaeology. Should you have any questions, email her via

4th Year Representative- Lora Castellani 

Lora Castellani is in her fourth and final year at Western completing her undergraduate degree with an Honours Specialization in Anthropology and a minor in Italian.  Specifically, she is interested in the socio-cultural stream of anthropology with a special interest in issues of reproduction and reproductive technologies in North America.  After completing her degree at Western, Lora would like to take a year off to travel and work before pursuing her post-secondary education further. Should you have any questions for Lora, she can be contacted via

3rd Year Representative- Hannah Graves

Hannah Graves is in her 3rd year of Honors Specialization in Anthropology, her research interests include dinosaurs, unicorns, and current human sexuality. In the future, she hopes to go into social work. Should you wish to contact Hannah, her email is:

2nd Year Representative- Stephanie Miller

Stephanie Miller is in her second year, majoring in Bioarchaeology. She is contemplating also majoring in Linguistics as well. Her topics of interest are evolution, primates, hominids, and paleontology. It is her second year as a member of the Anthropology Society, as well as her second year on exec. Last year, Stephanie was the First Year Representative. Her email is

1st Year Representative- Kimberley Eldridge  

Kimberley is from White Oaks in London and loves five-pin bowling. She is planning on majoring in Biological Anthropology and Religious Studies. She hopes to eventually work at the Smithsonian.  After doing a co-op at the Museum of Ontario Archaeology, Kimberley decided to pursue her post-secondary studies in Anthropology. If you wish to contact her, her email is:

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